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  • Update of

    Hi, I'm currently updating with new Trainers.

    I have currently uploaded 231 new Trainers for PC and I have at least the double to upload on all supports.

    So if you cannot find right now what your are looking for came back at least every days on to see the new updates

    See You around...




    je suis actuellement en train d'uploader sur des nouveaux Trainers.

    j'ai déjà uploadé 231 nouveaux trainers pour PC ces 4 derniers jours et il me reste encore au moins le double à uploader tout supports confondu.

    Si vous ne trouvez pas aujourd'hui votre bonheur, je vous conseil de revenir tout les jours sur pour voir les nouvelles mises à jour.

    A très bientôt...



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  • Save the Defiance TV Show


    Television shows come and go; some capture hearts to live on after they end and some fade away without a second thought. SyFy’s Defiance was a television show that captured the hearts and minds of its viewers in multiple novel ways. Defiance was released in 2013 as the first show to have an accompanying MMO video game. A viewer could watch on their television and then fight the fictional enemies in-game. Because of MMO’s intrinsic social interactions, it allowed audience members to connect with other fans. Additionally, and even more importantly, Defiance cast and crew were active participants in live-tweeting the episodes on Twitter. This social activity allowed a new and rare glimpse into the thoughts of the show’s crew and actors. The Defiance fandom, affectionately labeled as “Vo-fans” by the writers (based on the word, Votan, the term for the group of alien races that arrived on Earth), grew on Twitter in ways never experienced before. There was a bond that formed between fans as well as between fans with the cast/crew. Every week, Vo-fans gathered to see what ‘challenge’ the cast would come up with leading to the episode. The hilarious interactions broke down walls and made the experience of watching a television show more exciting than ever. Artistic fans would share their fantastic art to their beloved actors with almost instant gratification. The thrill of it all is something we will always cherish.

    In its third season, Defiance was the network’s number one viewed show with over a million viewers on a Friday night. Within the next 10 days, that number would double as fans watched through DVR, On-Demand, and 3rd-party digital sites such as, Hulu, and iTunes. Its recent cancellation stunned fans around the world. Because of the overall high quality programming, as well as the aforementioned bond that was formed, the cancellation hurt fans tremendously. Defiance’s story was not yet complete. The futuristic world was set after an alien invasion and was only beginning to be told. The characters were only beginning to transform. Politics, cultural clashes, war, survival, murder, love and betrayal…Defiance was full of life and intrigue, cheers, tears, and shocking twists and turns.

    As devoted Vo-fans, we implore Netflix to consider saving Defiance. We chose Netflix because it would allow worldwide exposure which is important during live-tweeting sessions. For instance, fans in the UK wouldn’t have to wait three months to watch the episodes with US viewers. Netflix would also allow more mature content, which would help obtain more viewers. Netflix would be in a unique position to drive further interaction between the game and the television series as well as cross-promote their streaming services to fans worldwide. Overall, we believe Netflix would be great place for Defiance to grow as a television show.

    The fans below are not ready to let go. Please consider this petition to #BringBackDefiance.

    Link :


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  • Trainer City Server Upgrade





    we are currently upgrading our server. You might have some down time of the websites during the procedure.

    Sorry about the inconvenience

    Trainers City team

    update(17/06/2017): All the websites has been transfer on the new server, if you experience some error please report to me directly or in the comment below

    Thank you

    ps : Please before reporting cleanup the cache of your browser and refresh the page of the website




    Nous mettons actuellement à niveau notre serveur. Vous pourriez avoir un certain temps d'arrêt des sites Web pendant la procédure.

    Désolé du désagrément

    L'équipe de Trainers City

    mise à jour du 17/06/207 : Tous les sites Web ont été transférés sur le nouveau serveur, si vous rencontrez une erreur, veuillez me signaler directement par mail à ou dans les commentaires ci-dessous


    ps : Avant de signaler une erreur vider le cache de votre navigateur et recharger la page du site


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  • Happy New year 2018! Bonne année 2018 !

    Let’s Say Good Bye 2017.
    When this year is in its last moment,
    Make fun, spread love, be kindful,
    live free and let’s do happy ending of 2017.
    Happy new year in advance.


    The New Year is the time of unfolding horizons and the realization of dreams, may you rediscover new strength and garner faith with you, and be able to rejoice in the simple pleasures that life has to offer and put a brave front for all the challenges that may come your way. Wishing you a lovely New Year.

    Take care and see you soon

    Trainers City


    Que les Fêtes soient riches de joie et de gaieté, que la nouvelle année déborde de bonheur et de prospérité et que tous les vœux formulés deviennent réalité !

    Très bonne année 2018 de la part de Trainers City


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