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Akash: Path of the Five - Valentine's Day Trailer | PS4

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Presenting a special Valentine's Day trailer from Akash: Path of the Five.

Coming Spring 2019:
5 potential love interests + 1 bonus love interest.
100+ collectible CGs
25+ Endings
7,000+ lines of professionally-voiced dialogue by the likes of @prozdkp @RayChase @TheMorganBerry @AndrewLoveVA @BranMci and more.

Follow @Akash_game for more info!

Akash: Path of the Five is a visual novel in the otome style.
Players will assume the role of Aurora, a member of a fantasy race known as the Al'wan, or elementals. For nearly a millennia, the number of elemental girls born has dwindled over the generations, forcing them to interbreed with humans to save their race from extinction.

As the first elemental girl the village of Akash has seen in over 200 years, all eyes are on Aurora while she prepares for her Coming of Age Ceremony. Tensions between her home village and a neighboring village of humans begins to boil over, threatening an all-out war. Players will have the opportunity to cultivate a romance with one of her five classmates, navigate the conflict between the two races, and plan the greatest Coming of Age Ceremony the village of Akash has seen in two centuries.

Akash: Path of the Five features full voice-over provided by a veteran voice cast. Starring:

- Aurora, the player character, portrayed by Morgan Berry (previous roles include Thirteen / My Hero Academia, Tanya / Sword Art Online. )

- Lux, your best friend since childhood and a light elemental is portrayed by Ray Chase (previous roles include Noctis Lucis Caelum / Final Fantasy XV, Roy / Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.)

- Rocco, the village playboy and a wind elemental is played by Andrew Love (previous roles include Takeo Gouda / My Love Story, and Akio Furukawa / Clannad After Story.)

- Rowan, a cheerful, sporty earth elemental is played by Chris Patton (notable for such roles as Ayato Sakamaki / Diabolik Lovers, More Blood, and Greed / Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and many more.)

- Caspian, an aloof, mysterious water elemental is played by SungWon Cho AKA "ProZD" (previous roles include Zeus / Apotheon, and Shuye / Spirit Parade.)

- Ignatius, the artistic loner and a fire elemental is portrayed by Brandon McInnis (previous roles include Sohnosuke Izayoi / Danganronpa 3: The end of Hope's Peak High School, and Patrick Phelps / Black Butler: Book of Murder)

- Daniel, an intriguing, impulsive human man is played by Jason Wishnov (previous roles include Byakuya Togami / Danganronpa)

Akash features a 4K presentation on PlayStation®4 Pro, and a native 1080p presentation on the standard PlayStation®4. All assets are produced in native 4K resolution to support PlayStation®4 Pro rendering modes. Character artwork is produced in 8k resolution and then scaled to 4k resolution to ensure maximum detail for both platforms. Akash features a customizable player name, over 100 expertly rendered CGs to collect, multiple endings, and an original context-sensitive soundtrack produced with Fat Bard.

Akash: Path of the Five has been fully funded, developed, and published by Truant Pixel. We have opted to utilize funds that would otherwise be earmarked for marketing to invest directly in the game's development. Please feel free to spread the word about this title if it interests you!

Follow us for more info about Akash's development:

Twitter: @ Akash_game and @truantpixel

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