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Not Even a TANK Can Handle This! - Factorio 1.0 Let’s Play Ep 6

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Not Even a TANK Can Handle This! - Factorio 1.0 Let’s Play Ep 6

Factorio 1.0 Let's Play today continuing our factory build. We make some more science today and use it to unlock the tank, rocket launcher, and a few other explosive toys then use them to take out the biter nests to our north!

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Full Factorio 1.0 Playlist:

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About Factorio 1.0:

Factorio is a game in which you build and maintain factories. You will be mining resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure, automating production and fighting enemies.
You have to defend your base with a variety of tower defense base defense methods like turrets, walls, artillery, and nuclear bomb (yep, there are nuclear bombs). While defending yourself you must build efficient belt array so you can build a rocket and beat the game. However Factorio mods are the best and you can completely change the game with some of the best Factorio mods. Factorio 1.0 recently released as well and added an amazing Spidertron robot and hopefully every new Factorio update has things just as cool!
My Factorio playthrough, my Factorio gameplay is on Deathworld difficulty where enemies are far more dangerous and swarm more often. I’m a Factorio new player though, so with my limited knowledge I’ll try to guide myself to victory, or at least not succumb to watching a ton of factorio tutorial videos. Even as a Factorio beginner though, this series will be a ton of fun and I hope you enjoy it!

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