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10.000 REALISTIC Population - The City is growing Fast! - Cities: Skylines - Coniferia EP10

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Big thanks to my Patrons: Yakovlev_Norris, Joshua Lan and Kira Flocke!

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- In this episode:
Today, we've got some pretty exciting news announced in Pine Harbour.

If you follow this series, you will know that Pine Harbour is in a bit of a transition phase, where the city is trying to promote new developments and further investments in tourism and services – in part to reduce its dependency on the Fishing industry as the backbone of its economy, but also to help balance its finances. Pine Harbour has had some... Let’s say questionable budgetary management for a few decades now, and debts have piled up – so it's the responsibility of the city council to think really hard about any decisions they make.

Today we’ve just got some fantastic news though, as the owner of two of the city’s ugliest monstrosities from the 1970s - has just announced she is selling the entire lot for re-development.

Now the question is, which investors will be interested in purchasing this lot – and which plans do they propose for this lot? A hotel? Luxury Apartments? A glass structure reeking of hedge fund managers?

Well - That’s up to you – because you’re the potential investor, philanthrope or developer. So, if you have a suggestion for what to build on this very central lot, then feel free to write a comment in the comment section of this episode, which your plans, any backstory you might want to share – and, if you want to, a link to the asset from the steam workshop that represents the structure you want to build here.

When enough suggestions have been given, I’ll pick out a selection of them, and it will be up to the city council of Pine Harbour to discuss and vote on the suggestions. And of course – the city council is also you guys.

For the episode build - we expand Pine Harbour to the north with a post-world-war-two neighbourhood, the city's first high school, and a place to get all your pancake needs fullfilled!

- What's the rationale behind this project:
What happens if a washed-up-used-to-be-YouTuber gathers a bunch of "generic" looking assets (though mostly inspired by Australian / Canadian cityscapes) with the hopes of creating a Cities: Skylines region full of towns and cities that both looks realistic and are inspired by Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, while at the same time don't really replicate any one particular style? No idea, let's find out.

Join me in this Cities: Skylines modded gameplay series as we aimlessly expand the region, and build new infrastructure, highways, public transit, industrial pockets, NIMBY-neighbourhoods, and bustling downtowns. And of course, use tress excessively to cover up any imperfections!

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